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Mr Blue is Smarter

Blue cautiously stepping down the waterfall…


Ever so careful..



HÜSKER racing down a waterfall!

More of Brevard Waterfalls

Trying out a new photo option.  A slideshow.

For info about the beautiful Land of Waterfalls, here is a link:  http://www.visitwaterfalls.com/

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Brevard Waterfalls

In November we went to Transylvania County, Brevard, North Carolina to the Dupont National Forest.  It is the Land of Waterfalls.  We saw many beautiful waterfalls.  The dogs came with us, and we stayed the night.  It was pretty cold, but worth it, as we got lots of beautiful pictures.

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These were all taken back in September.  HÜSKER loves the pool, maybe even more than Blue the Newfoundland.   Even on freezing cold days, which now in December we have sometimes, if let into the backyard, he will go in the pool.  Usually just to wade, but sometimes for a full swim. 


Swimming Around

Getting In

And a video:

Say Hello to My Little Friend

My friend Andrea got a Newfoundland puppy in August.  His name is Crosby, he is of course, over 6 months now, but these are pictures from around when she first got him.  He is such a sweet pea! 


Adorable Crosby

Funny video of Crosby playing with our silly kitten:

Love this Doggy Christmas Video

Trip to Birkdale Village to See Santa Today

I stupidly loaded up 3 kids, 2 dogs and a kitten in a crate to go to Birkdale Village, an outdoor shopping area, for the kids and dogs to see Santa today.  Blue took one look at Santa, backed up and gave a loud woof.  He did not see Santa.  The kitten would not come out of the crate.  She did not see Santa.  After being told, by Santa, that he must remain hypoallergenic, HÜSKER sat a few feet away from him and got his picture taken.  Next year, I guess I will go to Petsmart for a dog friendly Santa.

HÜSKER and the non-dog friendly Santa

The rag tag group:

Alex, Aiden, Devin, the kitten, Blue, HÜSKER

Devin and Mr. Blue

Handsome HÜSKER

Mr. Blue

Devin and Blue

HÜSKER and Blue

Pictures from September

These are some pictures from September.  We went on a camping trip. 

HÜSKER at the campground

HÜSKER at the campground

Alex, Devin, our niece Caitie, Aiden

HÜSKER and big brother Blue

The camping was near Linville Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway

 After the camping trip, we met up with the Blue Ridge Bernese Mountain Dog Club for a picnic and hike, but my hands were full with the dogs, so I did not take any pictures of all the lovely Berners there.

U.S. National Whitewater Center

I really enjoy going to the U.S National Whitewater Center.  It costs $7 to park, and no admission costs.  There is hiking, rafting if one is brave enough, zip lines, canoeing.  I like to go and hike then have lunch at the dog friendly River’s Edge Restaurant.  They have a yummy menu, especially their salads and fried pickles.   Yum!

These pictures are all from early October.